Banana Emulsion

Banana Emulsion

Banana Emulsion by OliveNation is perfect for flavoring cakes, muffins, pies, fondants, frostings, fillings, and more. Our banana emulsion gives baked goods a better flavor and richer aroma than banana extract. It’s the preferred choice of professional bakers.

How is banana emulsion used? You can use Banana Emulsion by OliveNation in recipes calling for banana extract. 1 teaspoon of banana extract = 1 teaspoon of banana emulsion. Try it in banana cakes, cookies, bars, fillings, and icings.

Why is banana emulsion better than banana extract? Banana emulsion is water-based, while banana extract is alcohol-based. Since it’s water-based, banana emulsion doesn’t evaporate as quickly as extract, resulting in more flavorful and aromatic baked goods. Banana emulsion is also thicker than extract and distributes more evenly in batters and icings.

Are there any recipes that you should use banana extract over banana emulsion? Choose banana extract instead of banana emulsion in candy and recipes for chocolates. Though, you can use banana emulsion in candy fillings.

What are some recipes that I could substitute banana emulsion for banana extract? The recipe below calls for banana extract. But you can substitute it one for one with Banana Emulsion by OliveNation.

•    Double Banana Cream Pie

What are some other ways to use banana emulsion?

•    Create banana-flavored icing or whipped cream.
•    Bake banana cookies with banana emulsion.
•    Make a banana cream pie.
•    Bake banana bread.
•    Whip up banana pudding or filling.
•    Make a trifle cake with a layer of banana pudding.

Ingredients : Water, propylene glycol, gum, natural and artificial flavors. Shake well before using. 1 tsp = 1 tsp of extract. Product of the USA.

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