CK Products Red Sanding Sugar, 4 Oz

CK Products Red Sanding Sugar, 4 Oz

Sanding Sugar

Why sanding sugar? Can't you color granulated sugar instead and sprinkle that on cookies?
Those efforts wouldn't bear fruit, for two reasons.

  •     Granulated sugar is finer. Held up to the light, it doesn't glitter and wouldn't enhance your cookies. Sanding sugar, by contrast, is coarse and catches light, resulting in sparkle.
  •     Granulated sugar dissolves in water too fast, and dissolved sugar wouldn't be seen as grains on your pastry. Sanding sugar, on the other hand, isn't as quick to dissolve. It will therefore remain as individual grains even when wet--though still getting sticky so it stays on your baked food and doesn't fall off.

Features :
Bottle Size : 4 oz
Color : Red

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